Terms and Privacy Policy

These terms and privacy policy form a legal binding agreement between user and Render Booking Pvt Ltd be accurate from time to time, apply to all our services made available online, through any mobile device, by email or by telephone.The online merchant agreement , Click here to see our understanding with our merchants .

Please read these terms carefully before accessing, using, and obtaining any services by Render Booking.


Render Booking makes the Services available to you through the render booking platform upon you providing certain required User information and having created an account through render booking ID and password or other log-in ID and password. The Render Booking Platform requires you to register as a user by creating an Account in order to utilize the Services provided.

You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age or above and capable of entering and performing to these terms. While individuals under the age of 16 may utilize/browse the render booking Platform, they shall do so only with the involvement, guidance and supervision of their parents and / or legal guardians, under such parent /legal guardian’s registered account. Render Booking reserves the right to terminate User’s access and refuse to provide User with access to the render booking platform if it discovers that User is under the age of 16 years.

In the event of detecting any suspicious activity from User’s account, render booking reserves the right to cancel all pending and future orders owing to any such incident without any liability to the user and while using the render booking platform user shall at all times strictly comply with the payment procedure and the terms mentioned herein in their entirety.

Your use of the Services shall be deemed that you are fully satisfied with the description, look and design of the accommodation and usage fee of the accommodation as has been displayed on render booking's Platform.



Not only you, your privacy and the security of your personal information during your inquiry or visit are also important to us. Providing personal information online requires a great deal of trust so, with due respect we make it our priority to ensure the confidentiality and safeguard of your personal data that we acquired in the process of our service. If the information you provide are not complete and inaccurate than company shall not be responsible for any problem that may occurred. This privacy policy applies when you use our service. User can have access over their personal information about the change and deleting.   We recommend you to read the privacy policy of any third-party apps and websites that may have access in our websites and apps where you use your personal information.

There will be changes in our privacy policy according to our Government rules and regulations, new technological development and changes in our services. So, we kindly request you to update about your privacy statement when required.


Data Controller

About you and your personal data collected from our website and mobile apps is controlled by www. renderbooking.com, a private limited company located in KMC 03, Kathmandu, Nepal near US Embassy.


Personal information collection

To provide you the best service and facilities by helping you in reserving the hotel room, we need to collect your personal information. The information that we collect serve us in different ways.


What kind of information we collect from you
• Name of the person and who he/she is travelling with
• Contact details like email, phone number
• Payment system you are going to use like online payment gateway and credit card details
• Your arrival and departure time
• Maximum days of staying
• Billing information
• Travel complaints or requests details
• Information related with feedback regarding the service


Why we collect your personal information
• To share it with your actual service provider like: hotel, resort, homestay etc.
• To contact with you through mails or phone calls
• To create user account
• To make recording and accounting procedure easy
• To provide proper feedback and handle your personal request or complain with calm and grace
• Legal services
• To provide services by the company


Data that are collected automatically

Cookies are the small piece of information that is saved by our web browser. We also collect information through automated technology such as cookies placed on your browser, with your consent. Information like IP address, users travelling preferences can be gathered from cookies.

Protection of your personal data security measures

We have our best team to maintain privacy of all the information you have provided to us. We have taken technical measures to secure all the information provided by you from manipulation, misuse and unauthorized handling. We are constantly working to enhance our security system. However, it is true that all the steps taken for the safety measure is not 100% secure. Your password is the very important thing to use Render booking.  You can use password using letters, numbers for maintaining your privacy regarding the use of website but we will not be responsible for any dysfunction in your use of password. It is your responsibility to maintain your privacy. If you find unauthorized use of your account, you can notify us immediately.

Complains and queries

We handle our customers complains and queries with great care and grace to result it in great satisfactions. Customers with complains and queries can contact us through mail or phone calls provided in contact us.

Users Rights and policy

One can be the user Render booking only after completing the registration process. He/she should provide complete, accurate and current information while processing registration. Incomplete, inaccurate information in registration form will not be the responsibility of Render booking. The user will be responsible for all these things. Our customers receive different kinds of bonus and benefits from us. Regarding the use of Render booking, he/she has the Rights to access their personal information.  He/she can update, correct and delete own information.

You can exercise your data protection rights in various ways. For example, you can opt out of marketing by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in the emails, in your account as applicable, or contacting our customer to you.

Changes in privacy policy

Private policy of Render booking may change from time to time according to the need. We notify you about the changes in policy through e-mail or we notify you by publishing in our website.

How to contact us

More information about our privacy practices is in our Privacy Statement. You can also contact us as described below in Contact us section to ask questions about how we handle your personal information or make requests about your personal information.