Hindus, particularly those from Nepal and India, worship Lord Vishwakarma, the heavenly architect, at the conclusion of the Hindu calendar month Bhadra. He is credited with creating the vast city of Dwarka, which is thought to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Lord Indra's armor, the Indraprastha, Sri Lanka, which was then known as Lanka, and many other constructions, towns, and weapons for the gods. Long before time, he was regarded as the universe's divine engineer. 

The representation of Lord Vishwakarma varies greatly from one place to the next, and he is depicted in many ways. He is, nevertheless, depicted with his favorite creating tools. Different vedas tell different legends regarding his origins; some believe he is Lord Bhrama's son, while others say he is Lord Shiva's avatar. 

As a result, at the end of the month of Bhadra, Hindus worship their automobiles, motorcycles, laptops, mobile phones, and other electronic devices for their longevity and safety. People also worship Vishwakarma in the hopes that the artifacts they purchase will be as good as those he created. People seek his approval for their artifacts.